In the past I never had good experiences with coconut oil (using some kind of refined mix with mineral oil), but after all the excitement on this thread, I decided to give it another try...
Last night I did a co wash, conditioned with AO HSR and put some unrefined coconut oil on my toweldry hair (concentrating on the dry brittle ends). I hair immediatly absorbed it and felt extremely soft and well conditioned. I left it in overnight, wetted my hair this morning and it still felt great! But now, a couple of hours later I'm at work and have major shrinkage... (not a great look)
Anyone using coconut oil having the same problem?

I was also wondering about shea butter and want to try it out. How does shea compare to coconut oil? What are the major differences?
My hair is very fine and brittle. What would you recommend, shea or coconut?

Thanks in advance!
3C, very fine (and fragile) hair

Wash:Rhassoul, once every 1 or 2 weeks
Condition: AO Honeysuckle Rose
DT: Jessicurl weekly deep conditioning treatment
Henna: once every 2 weeks
Leave in: Yes to cucumbers

On s'en fou!

Yes I'm Dutch, yes my hair is kinky, start dealing with it!