Okay, first thank you so much for creating this post. I decided to go natural and I have to admit I have had a hard time. I have not had a perm in years at least 3 but I had been wearing braids. Now I have finally decided to wear my natural hair out, but it is so hard. So I would like to texlax, but I also want to henna.

My hair has been growing like crazy but I feel it needs a little more strength. I have a really good wash, cowash, moisture regimen right now. I have done protein treatments (apohgee) but I not crazy about the results and every time I go to a salon they want to perm my hair and I don't want to deal with the peer pressure. I have stopped going long ago because of this, I even looked into Miss Jessie's because I felt they would welcome natural hair but they want too much money ($250 to $600). That's just crazy. Sorry I am rambling but here is my quandary,

1. Can I texlax and henna
2. If I can henna and texlax which should I do first
3. Any recommendations on texlax products.

Thank you in advance and I appreciate any help you can give.