Thanks guys!! I've been totally CG since the hair came back, so I've been really good to it. (Or have tried to be!)

Sapphire (holy moley - I just saw your pics - we might be hair twins!!!) - I use a few things:

CO Wash - Suave Milk and Honey, Suave Berry Smoothie or very very very occasionally, Paves No-Sulfates Allowed Wash

Condish - Back to Basics Pommegranate Peach (my HG!), Nature's Gate Herbal Conditioner (a recent amazing find), Sally's Generic version of Nexxus Hummectrus. Occasionally I'll use Jessicurl's Weekly DT as my condish and just leave it in all day.

Styling - I put in a tiny bit of the BtB before getting out of the shower. Then Aussie Dual Personality Mousse/Volumizer (no butanes!) and finish with Suave Aloe Vera Gel.

I'm all about inexpensive product that's CG.

Thanks for all the compliments!!
3b (I think!)
HGs - Suave Nexxus Knockoff, Jessicurl Weekly DT, L'Oreal Out of Bed, HESMU.