Thank you all SO MUCH for all this info. Can I ask everyone a question?

So I went to the salon last week for a texturizer, but the stylist was reluctant to do it b/c she wanted me to stay natural. She trimmed my hair, blew it straight and french braided it for me, and I was totally happy for about a week till I washed my hair again. Now I'm back to realizing that I want to be able to wash & go without having a tangly afro in a couple of days time (and without having to blowdry, twist, braid, etc. if I don't want to!).

So I'm thinking again of getting a texturizer. One of the stylist's main concerns was that over time, as you retouch the roots, you develop straight parts and inconsistencies in the hair texture that are hard to style. Have any of you experienced this? If so, how do you manage it?

Thanks ladies! And kikisf, who is your stylist?? You can pm me if you want to share.
Hair type: 4a/b
13 months of growth