Thank you all SO MUCH for all this info. Can I ask everyone a question?

So I went to the salon last week for a texturizer, but the stylist was reluctant to do it b/c she wanted me to stay natural. you develop straight parts and inconsistencies in the hair texture that are hard to style. Have any of you experienced this? If so, how do you manage it?

Thanks ladies! And kikisf, who is your stylist?? You can pm me if you want to share.
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I can understand your dresser not wanting you to texturize. Nothing is prettier than a natural head. But they aren't the ones that have to comb it when it gets wet! LOL.

My bangs and middle part are a bit straight at the ends and shorter from that area being left out from when I wore a weave. But it doesn't take much to disguise that. Either scrunching or a headband. My curls are not perfectly uniform but then again if you have a mix of 4a and 4b your hair isn't uniform to begin with.

The real question is what is your hairstyle goal?

My goal wasn't ringlets. I just want the combing ease and the ability to get my head wet without a few hours long ordeal.

Here is one of my hairstyle inspirations
Poo- Deva, Wen, Shea Moisture
Co- Aubrey Organic, GPD DevaOne.
Detangler- Aussie moist, Dove
LI- SM Curling Milk, infusium
KCCC KT on certain days
Oil- Coconut, jojoba,
Goal: Peace, healthy hair and to not spend alot of time and money on my hair.