I have to put in another positive review for Honey Fig! I just ordered KCCC, KCKT, a bunch of CJ products, and a 4 oz. bottle of CK...but they had JUST run out of CK, so they gave me Curls Goddess Glaze (twice the size and costs twice as much) instead, which I was thinking of ordering anyway. They also sent me a complimentary shower gel priced at $16, and samples of Devacare AnGel and Arc Angel. I'm pretty pleased because the replacement product and the samples I got were ones I had almost ordered!
Type 2b/2c, med/coarse, low porosity, medium density

Co-wash: Suave Naturals Tangerine, Live Clean Moisturizing, CJ Daily Fix, GTTT, Tigi MM

Conditioner: Tigi MM, Jessicurl WDT, CJ Curl Rehab, CJ Daily Smoothing, CJ H&B Deep Fix

Deep Treatment: same as rinse out

Leave-in: KCKT or my rinseout

Styling Aids: Alberto/V05 Gel, HETT/HESMU, KCCC