Yep, time to peeve the gals at Sallys again.

They hate it when I ask them to order stuff. I think I need some of this though...sounds like good schtuff!
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The girls at Sally's hate me too! They ask "Can I help you find something?" every five minutes, trying to rush me out of the shop. Maybe I look like a shoplifter. They try to talk me out of ordering things too "Well, the main store might not have could take a month for it to get in...the shipping costs..."
I shop at DJ's Beauty Store now, they have everything in stock all the time, and I support a small business.
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Oh, you two have no idea how relieved I am to see these comments. It seems like (it this college town on the west coast) the girls at Sally's are so snotty. Maybe I'm being paranoid but I never feel welcomed when the (pin strait and bleach blonde) give my hair the stink-eye.
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