The company I work for is relocating to an office that is 35-45 minutes away. It is a very small company (2 owners and myself) and they live in a town in that area. The office is currently located in my town and the commute time is 5 minutes, so I can go home for lunch etc... I make a very low wage so this will mean a lot more money for gas and more mileage on my car.

I asked if I could work a few days from home and commute a few days, or work at home full time. But the guy said neither of them really wanted me to do that. It was either I work at home full time or work at the office full time. And if I wanted to do it from home he would want to pay me once/month for completing the magazine. I can only imagine what amount they would want to pay. They briefly discussed trying to provide me with a gas card or a raise but couldn't afford it.

I would gladly commute if it was a job I enjoyed and was getting paid a reasonable amount of money, but neither of those qualities apply to this job. My sole responsibility is to put together a magazine and I can't work on anything until one of the owners provides me with things to insert into the magazine. This usually doesn't happen until the week before the magazine is due. I would ask for other things to do, but both of these people have started working part time, and don't come to the office when they are supposed to, so a majority of the time I am sitting in an office by myself browsing the net. When they did come to the office and I asked for things to do it usually resulted in a 5 minute task. This makes me feel guilty because I'm getting paid and should be working but there is honestly nothing to do.

I think that I didn't see this job for what it really was and I took it because I was desperate to leave my old job. It took me 1.5 years of being at my old job to find this job. So I guess I'm going to be forced to commute and have even less money. Because its not like I have any jobs lined up. I could possibly find another low paying, entry level job somewhere, but then I'd feel that I was giving up my career dreams. But I'm waiting for a job to pop up that doesn't exist because all the jobs I am interested in are populated in cities and I don't live in or near a city.

Why is it that life just seems to fall into place for some people? And others lead a disastrous life? Sometimes I feel so hopeless and that perhaps I should jump off a bridge or something. I won't really do that, but it is a very attractive option. I have no clue what to do.

*More info for those who care: This co. was originally started by 2 guys (one of the guys own the building the company is currently housed in). Then the 2 people I deal with bought into the company later on. Well the first two are no longer making any contributions to the co. and so they decided to dissolve it. The other 2 have created their own co. I saw a paper saying that the old company has no assetts and $40k in debt so I don't feel that this is a secure job, or that the company will last very long. The guy who owns the building is jacking up the rent so they are forced to move the company.