Lately it's been like this:
- upside down if I have no products applied; up to 50% dry (or just skip it alltogether and air dry)

- right side up if I have KCCC/anything else; up to 90-95% dry.

I scrunch my hair with a diffuser, from tips to roots. I use pixicurling and keep diff. at one section for at least 2-3 minutes (I check with my watch - very dorky) using combination of low and medium temperature and the highest speed.

Takes about 20 minutes, darn.
Brunette, almost BSL length, growing out.
CG since Feb 2008, modified CG since September 2008.

I now know my texture/porosity!! (TY, Tiffany!) Medium texture; ends on a porous side; new growth - normal porosity.

Wash: Suave; EO Sweet Orange shampoo

Conditioner: GVP Balm, Mango Lustrasilk

Styling: KCCC, BRHG and LA Looks

Want to try: CJ