Why is it that life just seems to fall into place for some people? And others lead a disastrous life? Sometimes I feel so hopeless and that perhaps I should jump off a bridge or something. I won't really do that, but it is a very attractive option. I have no clue what to do.
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Honestly, those are the people who make things work for themselves. There are choices in every situation, and the people whose lives just fall into place are the ones who make the hard choices and sacrifices.

I would suggest you work at home full time, and demand a paycheck at least close to what you were making, even if it's only paid once a month. Then go out and find another full time job or 2 part time jobs to do on top of that (since you've siad yourself you were wasting a lot of the time in the office). This sounds ideal to me: it sounds like you're the person who's life is falling into place if you just work this situation in your favor. You can continue to get your paycheck, get another paycheck on the side, and get additional experience!
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