Yes, I have DEFINATELY noticed this lately! I work for a clothing store, and we specialise in casual clothing, so we carry a ton of jeans, and in the last little while, there have been an explosion of jeans with pockets like this.
I don't mind them too much - I've got a rather generous rear end, so the pockets really don't sit that low, but I agree that if you don't have much booty to begin with they are not flattering in any way. We put a pair on our mannequin for display and they looked TERRIBLE - naturally, the mannequin has no butt to speak of. If they are low rise, too, they look bad, but I've got a pair that are mid rise (about an inch or so below the navel) and that fact coupled with my figure makes them look good.

PS: way to go, Spiderlashes!
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