1) I hadn't heard that about Paris. I already hated her, so now I hate her more. God. I think even the worst part is being so two-faced about it. Like we had talked about before, if you are racist and open about it, then people know what they're dealing with and dislike you based on that. If you pretend to like someone and then are so two-faced that you call them such a horrendous word afterwards, it throws people. I'd rather a racist be a racist and everyone can see them for it, than to be like she was in that article. Ugh.

2) The camera does add about 10 pounds, so Nicole probably does look worse IRL. I think she's put some weight back on since the summer... and she's only 5'1, so I'd say 85 pounds is right. Wouldn't that be about 15-20 pounds underweight for her height, depending on build? I remember before she weighed 125.