I barely know anyone not to mention anyone in the design industry so there is no one to ask. My portfolio is mediocre and I can't draw so even if I moved I doubt anyone would hire me. I have thought that possibly this industry isn't for me, but I don't know what else to do. The only other two career paths I find interesting are a buyer for a clothing store or an interior designer. It would be the same thing with interior design and I don't have an education in fashion merchandising.
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I know someone who works as a buyer for a company that designs packaging for major corporations (like the holiday packaging for Starbucks, a lot of the department store cosmetic gift sets, etc.) She has a background in graphic design (some college, but no degree), but her actual job involves buying the blank packages to print the company's designs on. I think she started out at a fairly low salary, but she makes a good salary now and loves her job.

Anyway, I would imagine that there are several companies like hers that are in the design industry but don't just hire graphic designers. I would imagine that you wouldn't need to have great drawing skills to be a buyer, but your background might really help. Anyway, could you check out some design firms and see if they might be hiring for buyer/merchandiser/etc. positions?