Don't you make one of these sob, why me, I hate my job posts every 2 or 3 months? How about this, you can continue what you're doing now and be miserable or go out and make something happen. Sure it's not that easy but at least make a serious effort and you might see some results.
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You're right, I do, I'll stop doing that. I'm glad you are perfect and you can find a new job with a snap of your fingers. I'm asking about whether to make the commute. There is no guarantee that they will agree to let me do the work at home. That was casually thrown out there and from what he said it sounds like the other girl would prefer to have me in the office.

So I either suck up the loss of money and make the commute.

Or I don't commute and have no job until I can find something else.

Or they agree to let me work at home and pay me an undetermined amount once a month.

He said they will be leaving at the latest the second week of January. But it sounds like if they get a good price they could move the office immediately.