You probably don't see it this way, but you have a couple of opportunities here amidst your problems.

1) they are willing to let you work from home/telecommute? That is fabulous. That means you control your time and the time you formerly spent wasting and waiting for content you can now use on another endeavor! I would not accept lower payment for working from home. You are doing them a favor because if you left they would have to find someone else, and that costs money.

2) "My sole responsibility is to put together a magazine and I can't work on anything until one of the owners provides me with things to insert into the magazine. This usually doesn't happen until the week before the magazine is due." This sounds like they could possibly use editorial help, not just production help. If you think you have the aptitude, skills and interest, this could be additional responsibility (pay) for you.

3) If you haven't job searched in more than 1.5 years, things may have changed. I would say they definitely have changed. Get out there an look again.

4) Do an activity that will help you bring more passion into your profession. You don't sound very enthused and that is what people look for. Writing, acting, dance class -- whatever -- to get your energy level up.

ETA 5) If you don't know what career path to take, take advantage of this time! this is the perfect no-risk opportunity to try to attain new skills. You're not in any big spotlight so if you f-ck up, no one will know

6) I barely know anyone not to mention anyone in the design industry so there is no one to ask. My portfolio is mediocre and I can't draw so even if I moved I doubt anyone would hire me.
I'm assuming you got a degree or some sort of certification in your field, but it sounds like you need to re-energize there too. Take another course; school is a great place to network. Do you beloing to any professional associations, like an Art Directors or Designers Club? Join the nearest one.

I'm going to be brutally frank. The design world is extremely competitive. I used to be one; when I lost interest, it showed in my work, and I got out and did something else. This may be a stepping-stone for you to somewhere else, but if you don't look out for your own opportunities
you are going to be bowled over and left behind by more motivated designers (notice I didn't say more talented ones).

Finally, if this funk you're in is affecting other areas of your life, let your primary care doctor know and ask for a recommendation to a good therapist. This will not take the place of doing the above stuff; it's just another way to help youself.
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