Thank you for this wonderful post! I had an awesome Stylist for over 15 years that retired. I have been to at least 4 different stylist that realy do not have a clue how to work with curly hair. I've been more than willing to work with them and give them 2nd and 3rd chances with my hair but I haven't found a stylist yet that I am pleased with. The information here will be a big help when I consult with another stylist.
Do this before you're in the chair. If a stylist will not listen, rolls her eyes, or you just feel she doesn't get it, WALK OUT. It's your hair and your money. Do not feel bad, you will feel worse when you don't like your hair.
The absolute best advise! I have had stylist not listen or look totally perplexed when I have tried to explain that my hair responds to (and I can handle my hair better at home) roller sets with bonet hair dryers or air drying and not blow drying, flat irons and curling irons. They insist on using all that heat and my hair never looks right. I know better from many years of experience with my hair and it is totally my fault for not getting up and walking out.

RUN FOR YOUR LIFE if anyone comes near you with a razor or thinning shears.
Oh gosh yes! Once again I knew better and allowed myself to get talked into it. My former stylist never had to use a razor or thinning shears to get my hair to look great. One of the new stylist I tried insited that it was the only way to achieve a good cut on my hair. Guess what? My hair became so frizzy you could actually hear it make a horrible crunch noise when I attempted to run my fingers in it. I have been trying to grow it out for 6 months and I am sure it will be years before I get my hair back to the way it was before.
Thank you again for such a great informative post.