Kurlee I love From Dusk till Dawn it cracks me up! I just love the funny horrors. But then I'm a die hard horror fan.

The last movie to make me scream out loud in horror (was sudden and gross)
Final destination 2, 3 is good but 2 was my fav of the three in this series
13 Ghosts ( I can't believe I forgot this one!)
Sole Survivor (more of a head trip than full on horror though)
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I didn't even think From Dusk to Dawn was funny. I really am not a fan of Quentin Tarantino. I guess maybe that was a factor too. I saw him on 'Tyra' and he seems to be “older guy liking young women type” dude. *shiver*

I have seen Final Destination. Hmm. Didn't like it too much. Is the second better? Do they use the same actors or?

Haven't seen the other two you mentioned.

Come to think of it I have seen a bunch of the ones mentioned here. I just can't remember which ones I saw (before I see them get mentioned here). If that makes any sence.