Theres nothing wrong with having notes on your hand or reading from a teleprompter.

But jotting notes on your hand is a hundred times better than reading word by word, line by line without a single thought but to read is so robotic
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I agree with the first half but not the second half.
Here's why: True, really, in some ways we are being harsh on Palin. She can have notes on her hand if that helps her with her speech. Why not? right?
Also, it's nice she is able to say her speech more by memory than most people can. She only had a few words on her hand, so I give her props.

However, when you are the president of the United States...Obama, Bush Jr., Clinton, Bush Sr. used teleprompters...ALL of them! Reagan used notes on paper....when you are the president, every word you say's scrutinized around the world. You do not have room for error AT ALL. You say something intended one way, it can be taken another way. That's why they have to have pre-prepared speeches, scrutinized by professional people, and have to say it word for word. Reagan, Clinton, and Obama were actually good orators. They're able to read the teleprompter quite well and own it, so to speak. Bush Sr. had some trouble and Bush Jr. had a lot of trouble.

Criticism of Obama using a teleprompter is RIDICULOUS!! It is crazy. By the way, he was able to speak off the cuff to the Republicans during their meeting, although it was televised. When he is not giving a formal speech, you can tell Obama can still come across clearly, articulate his points eloquently.

Sarah Palin is Sarah Palin. Whether she had notes on her hand or not, whether she used a teleprompter or not...she's been pretty consistent with who she is. For those who love her, well of course she can do no wrong. She's folksy and some people can relate to her. Fine. For those who do not support her, well we see it as a little hypocritical that she criticizes our president for using a teleprompter (surely, she knows other presidents use it) and then have to refer to the few words on her hand that she has been talking about ad nauseum forever. It's odd that she needed to write those few words now, but so be it.
I don't know about you, but I want my president to not talk off the cuff when he's giving a formal speech. He's human, he's not god. He will miss some points, he might say something in a wrong way (just like anyone can if they talk for an hour about important, controversial topics, about issues that effect us as well as the rest of the world). I would think he was irresponsible if he hadn't done so.

Sarah Palin is now doing speeches for Tea Parties. There's no comparison here. She can say "you betcha," repeat some conservative talking points, add some folksy personal experiences, and voila!!
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You make some very interesting points. I agree that many presidents use the teleprompter and they have to at times. However, no other president has used one so consistently and at so many events, large and small as Obama. He is totally dependent on that darn machine and it's to a point were it has become his crutch,lol.

Question, when was the last time in his entire presidency that you have seen him not use it (teleprompter) and just speak from his mind? and when you take away his teleprompter he seems lost and incoherent at times. He can't even explain the intricacies of this disastrous health care bill he's trying force through, when a majority of Americans don't want it. But that's not even a telepromoter issue it's moreso a issue of him not knowing what's in the bill because he probably didn't read it.

I just think Obama seems like a smart person but lacks common sense on so many issues even Jon Steward agrees when it comes to using a teleprompter in a sixth grade classroom
Jon Stewart Mocks Obama For Using Teleprompter In Sixth Grade Classroom (VIDEO)


Obama's Home Teleprompter Malfunctions During Family Dinner

Just being facetious, a lil political humor for your enjoyment