A couple of weeks ago I went to Sally's and bought the LOOC, shea & mango and mayonnaise for a whole $10. I love all three. My hair can't tolerate mineral oil; so I'll stick with these.

The mayo is really rich. I've only used it as a DT and it worked pretty well and smells good.

So far both the LOOC and S&M have been great stylers. I put a ton in and my hair soaks it all up. Just need a little gel or mousse on top to keep the frizz at bay. So far, this has been giving me great moisture and big clumpy curls. And I love being able to only use 2 products in the morning. My hair does feel a bit producty, but my hair looks so good I don't mind.
Spirals, curls & waves, Med-Coarse Texture, Med Porosity, Low Elasticity