What words do you hate to hear? Predjudice slurs, whining

What sound makes you cringe? nails on a chalkboard

What color do you absolutely Hate? None really

What trend/trends do you hate? Leggins

What kind of food makes you gag? Mayonaise

Who is your least favorite person in your life? A certain "friend" that causes more anxiety than joy.

Who is your least favorite Celeb? Kathy Lee Gifford

What hair product do you hate? Oh there's been so many.

Name 1 thing you hate about yourself - how I have anxiety and worry myself sick over stupid stuff
3A/3B (not really sure)/No Shampoo/Conditioner Only/Honey/Aussie Volumizer+condish/Biolage Gel/Plop/Diffuse/Spritz of Bed Head Maxxed Out
Password: CurlEEEE