What words do you hate to hear?
shut up i can't cope with people telling me to shut up using that phrase. goes back to highschool bullying.

What sound makes you cringe?
polystyrine being rubbed together.
when a knife gets caught between the fingers of a fork and twisted

What color do you absolutely Hate?
all colours are pretty when just a colour, but on clothes - bright yellow

What trend/trends do you hate?
its-cool-to-be-an-ass trend. when you act *****y/upset/depressed and everyone thinks your cool.

What kind of food makes you gag?
brussel sprouts.
mussels/all shell fish.

Who is your least favorite person in your life?
in my life would imply someone who is close to me or involved with what i do. but who i know it would be an ex-flatmate.
Who is your least favorite Celeb?

What hair product do you hate?
hairspray. it stinks and makes hair feel so sticky.

Name 1 thing you hate about yourself
my huge, squint nose.
and my emotional vunerability

cleanse: OS shampoo. PureNuffStuff cleanser.
condition: Aussie 3MM. Jessicurl Aloeba.
style: B2Basics GreenTeaGel. T&G Curl Balm. JCarter Nourish&Shine.

pw: curlywurly