Bush destroyed the integrity of the United States around the world. He constantly engaged in unilateral decision making and gave the United Nations a giant middle finger. The irony is that he campaigned on restoring integrity to the White House after the Clinton affair/impeachment.

Bush aligned himself with the religious right and tried forcing Christian principles down the throats of every American. He leaves office and asked if the Bible was literally true. “You know. Probably not. …" Meanwhile years of stem cell research was suspended because it violated God's law.

Bush sat in a classroom for over eight minutes while the United States was under attack. He sat there because he knew he was way over his head in the job of President. Bush had no idea what to do. Meanwhile Americans were burning and jumping to their deaths.

Bush inherited a robust economy, deficit spent, and nearly wrecked the entire US capitalist system in eight years.

Bush wiretapped, tortured, and repeatedly violated the civil rights of innocent, law biding Americans.

Bush should be the reason the Republican party is imploded and replaced by the Libertarians.
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I totally agree with you, TG, so don't think I'm contesting your point. But I've always been confused by the bolded as a criticism of Bush. I've always thought, well...at that point, when the towers were burning, what could Bush really do? I assume that the other flights leaving that day had already been stopped, intelligence bureaus were already in the process of looking for suspects, etc. Am I missing something?

I definitely wonder why Bush hasn't received more criticism for essentially ignoring the Clinton administration's warnings about Al-Qaeda. If he hadn't, there'd be no reason for people to harp on about how he just sat in that classroom...
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