Used to babysit twin Indian girls (Telugu) before we moved, one had straight hair and the other wavy hair similiar to my youngest daughter's. Their mother preferred straight hair, but embraced her daughter's wavy hair and had her girls wear identical hair styles. I never witnessed her try to make the wavy haired twin have straight hair. When I did her daughter's hair in styles like my youngest, where the waves are enhanced with stuff like KCCC, their mother beamed and the straight-haired twin wanted the waves too, lol. The relatives in my family who are mixed with Indian ancestry pretty much have loose wavies to very wavy hair. Only straight haired folks in my family who are blood relatives (and not just married into) are mixed with Phillipino or another non-Indian Asian ancestry.
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Odd because most of the Filipino people I've known have had wavy to very curly hair, although I have known some with very straight hair.
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It's really odd to me as well. They have jet black str8 hair, and one parents is African-American with brown hair, lol.
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