At least it looks good on you! This bra strap length is totally awkward on me! This is like, one of the most awkward stages of growing out for me.
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I think I win with my mullet hahaha! Just wondering wouldn't 'classic' be different on everyone because my butt would be more then half of the whole of me.(I have a long torso and shorter legs!) I know everyone has a different length at waist etc because we all are different proportions.
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Well, yeah. I guess classic would be halfway the body. Although the butt is usually somewhere about the middle, right?
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I suppose so- haha I would examine strangers, but I might get in a little trouble if they spot me staring at their butt! lol!

I guess I was just trying to say everyone's actual length at classic would be different. If you measured a group of people who all had 'classic' length hair they would most probably be all different. It's not so a much a single length (i.e. at a certain increment in inches) but continuous - if that makes any sense?
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