Yeah I'm considering waist length, but I'd be happy with boob length right now lol. I've never gotten past 3 inches above boob length, so I'm really trying to stick with it this time. I've got a ton of supplement regimens going, I don't dye it, I only heat style on low for like 3 minutes, etc. I'm looking for any other tips too if you guys know of any.

Also, if you need any inspiration pics, I frequent another forum called the Long Hair Community. Lots of gorgeous long locks over there to drool over.
Originally Posted by Fluffy01
Boob length? I guess that all depends on where your boobs are hanging! HAHAHAHAHA!

Actually my (3C-4A) curls are almost there at around 12-13 inches when stretched, but I'm thinking of getting a few inches chopped off.

I'm sure I can grow it really long, but it's so poofy-huge! (Way too big for my 5'1" frame!) I know I shouldn't complain because I have so much hair. It's a good thing, really. It's healthy, frizz-free and has a nice sheen to it.

Lately, though, it's become more time-consuming to get the curls just right. And I use SOOO much conditioner, I think it's hurting my personal finances!

I don't know...

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