Wow... well you and susancnw definitely prove what I've always said... ppl on the right are f*ckin retarded as hell.
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Cali Chik -- do you really believe that? That anyone who dares to have political opinions that differ from your own is "f*ckin retarded as hell" -- seriously? And specifically calling susancnw and 3cCurly that?

First, I would say: Relax. Calm down. Take it down a notch. You need to look around and realize that people have different opinions on things. That's a fact. Reasonable, educated, intelligent people are still going to disagree on things. Take 100 econ professors across the country. Are they all going to have the exact same plan on what do do next with the economy? Of course not. In your world, the 7 who agree with you are brilliant, and the 93 who differ, with plans all over the map, are "f-ing retards." Pretty ridiculous.

When you encounter someone with whom you have a disagreement, you can try to convince them of the wisdom of your side. You debate, you teach, you explain, you ask questions. Calling them names -- sprinkled with the f-bomb no less -- is childish, and undermines your argument.
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It has nothing to do with differing from my own opinion. It has to do with the logic they have used to form their opinion. I don't give a sh*t if ppl agree with me. They don't have to but at least have some reasonable logic when coming to whatever ever conclusion you've come to.
- don't let everybody elses long straight weave bum you out. don't let other people's big/long natural hair bum you out either. embrace what you have and rock it with confidence, because that's the only way you'll be happy. and whether you realize it or not you are somebody's influence. show them what it truly means to be confident.
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