interesting thread... I used to watch this show out here called Showbiz India (well it used to be called that) and I noticed the women on there always have straight or minimally curly hair. I also noticed they were all light skinned. It pissed me off pretty bad when I finally realized this. Then I remember when I was in college there was this Indian girl who was like... so amazingly pretty and she kept sayin she wasn't attractive because she was dark. I'm black and she was darker than me. I could never figure out why she thought her skin was unattractive. She was so pretty. she talked about how her mom tried to lighten her skin when she was a teen and it didn't work.

So anyway Now I boycott showbiz india.
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Having dark skin and seeing it as a problem isn't just an African-American or "black" thing. I put black in quotations because in places outside of America black doesn't solely mean of African descent. Having medium dark brown to black skin to my knowledge is seen as a negative to many in India. It makes sense since most of the Miss Indias and Bollywood actresses have slightly tan to white skin. And skin lightening is fairly common in certain parts of India.
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