I am reviving this thread!! I originally responded to this post in May of '09 (as you can see I know) and my hair was BSL stretched and maybe APL curly. Therefore, the pineapple worked fabulously. Now, not so much.

It's been 8 months so of course my hair has grown and is now WL stretched (in November) and BSL curly. So the pineapple isn't really working. My hair falls to the sides and in my face. I wake up during the middle of the night thinking something is crawling on me (really not funny so stop laughing)!! I bought an XL- Bonnet, but it kinda crushes my curls. I could get away with it, but I would prefer not to and obviously that won't work in another 6 months.

Any ideas besides braiding it? I was thinking about ordering a SatinSakk. But, from the picture below it would would not be long enough and my hair would be scrunched up in it once its on my head. Any help would be appreciated!!

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