I did email her. She said she shipped it a long time ago but I never got a notice. Every time I email her she apologizes for an inconvenice or whatever but she doesnt really give me any information that I want. I just really wanted to try the product so I took advantage of the samples she sells- not many companies do that. Now its only 1 sample, but it really pisses me off that its been more than 2 weeks. Its BS. Why would I trust this line with a larger order even if I ended up liking the product if they say processing takes 1 business day and other people get their orders before I do? It hasnt happened in my experience and its really annoying. I wouldnt be this mad if this werent happening to me with 3 companies at the same time! Three vendors have my money for products I ordered over 2 weeks ago and I have received NOTHING. This is unacceptable. Weather my a**. The weather didnt stop you from mailing to people in California from the East coast. I'm in the MIDWEST!