omg--you know I didn't even notice her eyes were blue in that picture?

These women are trying to keep up with competing for an unrealistic standard of beauty. I feel sorry for them.

At some point in your life you have to decide the level of integrity you are willing to live with and what you're willing to give up, I can't hate....however....

My sister wears green contacts, colors her hair, changes the pronunciation of her given name (Idhalia---yes, very ethnic, pronounced phonetically 'eye-dale-ya') pronounces our maiden name with a deliberate Italian accent, changes her diction as well as anything else she can do to distance herself from our shared heritage

Quite sad actually. It's just cultural self disdain. She also was very into career choices that hinged on her appearance (we live in NY, she's now in Fla). I chose a different path and so I was allowed the luxury of enjoying and even playing up my culture not sticking too hard to any one standard of beauty....dusky vs wheaten, blue/green vs brown, curly vs straight... quite sad really.
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