OK when mine was very long (past butt length but not near knee length) I did this:

Put hair in ponytail at top of head, but do not pull the hair all the way through, leave a loop and a tail.
Loop the tail of hair and pull it through the first loop of hair, again leaving a tail hanging out
If this doesn't take up all the length, loop the remaining hair and pull it through the loop of hair you just made. Tuck the end into the scrunchie.

This is hard to explain in words but was not difficult to do, and made a quick "sleep bun" that stayed in but was very easy to take down in the morning, at which point I almost always braided the hair for the day.

Oh, and NaturallyCurlyEnvoy, I think the SatinSakk might still work, maybe upside down so you could lay the length on the pillow instead of laying on it. You could bend your hair under instead of scrunching it up, or even if you did scrunch it, it wouldn't be tight and if it held still the light scrunching might preserve your curls without tangling them.
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