Curl Pattern: 2b with some 2a near the back of my neck and some 2c near the front. At its curliest it appears like a pile of half-curled present-wrapping ribbons.
Texture: Fine/Coarse. I have some extremely coarse hair on my crown. It's quite rough to the touch and comes in a variety of shapes--some strands have individual tight curls, some kinks, some are straight. I had initially assumed this was damage from bleach highlighting, but I haven't done that in over a year. The bottom layers are different varieties of fine. A small layer near my nape refuses to curl or crunch unless repeatedly coated with KCCC.
Porosity: the top layer, high; the roots and underlayer, low.
Density: medium. It looks low at the moment because I cut most of the coarse hair when I believed it was damaged.
Elasticity: low, according to the 'stretch your hair between your fingers' test (which doesn't really make a lot of sense to me--the test, that is).

Characteristics: dry. Before CG it was fuffy/fuzzy a lot, but that seems to be the norm.
CG/ModCG/not CG: mod CG (at least one weekly low-poo).

Hair ingredient likes: demulcents! Sticky, gooey stylers. It seems to like cetrimonium chloride in my condish. But I don't know if this is wise of my hair.
Hair ingredient dislikes: Glycerin, mag sulfate, protein (at least on the coarse layer), oils applied directly (will take days to wash out). Gels don't seem to do much for me--though I do need a bit of hold.

Hard/Soft Water: hard.
HG/Go-to Products: homemade FSG, KCCC, Inecto conditioner.
Average climate/dew points: humid all year--though still dry in winter. Yearly average dewpoint: 29.7 degrees F.
Fall/Winter combos: see Go-to products.
Spring/Summer combos: none yet.

Favorite styling techniques and why: currently parting, putting stuff in, plopping for a few min., then diffusing w/lots of products on hand. Pineappling at night--though it's sort of hard to get a loose enough pineapple that my hair stays in.
Techniques that didn’t work and why: Anything that messes up my part, as I have lots of short hair up there.
Hair Twins: none yet. My hair is too weird.

FIA 2a-c, ii.
Combo. fine/low porosity & coarse/porous.
Stylers: All-in-one spray, FSG, KCCC
Also using: Inecto condish, WW Tiare Pomade
Dislikes: soap bars, glycerin, protein.
Yawns at: all gels (even LALSG), Seamollient.

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