kayaelle, about the brownness, I bet it's just the mix of stuff you use. Spinach and strawberries would probably make brown. I will be making a smoothie, it'll be a pretty bright green colour, then I toss in a handful of frozen raspberries and BAM ugly brown. Tasty, though! Try adding the strawberries last, it'll probably be green until you add them in.

Yesterday I had a smoothie with:
1 frozen banana
1 Granny Smith apple (I love the tartness they add!)
frozen fruit mix of peaches, mango, cantaloupe, kiwi, and pineapple
frozen raspberries
wee bit o' fresh cilantro

Yum! And today, I drank the other half of yesterday's. Still just as yummy the next day. Frozen fruits are awesome in smoothies. I am still loving these!
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