I cut my hair into a pixie around 3 months ago; my hair was damaged, frizzy, and a pain to style, so I chopped it off! I'm a 3a when my hair is long, but when I chopped it off, it turned more wavy. It's easy to brush it straight with some gels, or tousle into a wavy look. Depending on how I style it, it can be casual, funky, romantic... I really think short hair is more versatile than long.

The people on here saying that it'll be a ball of puff are correct... but only if you don't put any product on it! Mine goes a bit afro-tastic if I just let it dry without any product, but that's just what curly hair usually does when not moussed or gelled anyway. The upside is with a pixie, it takes about 5 minutes to style, and you'll use a ton less styling products. Pixies are cheaper, easier to maintain, and absolutely adorable if you take the time to tousle them with some gel every morning. All I do is wet mine, put some aloe vera gel in it, and go. It's awesome! It curls, it waves, and it looks good no matter what!

I love my pixie, and I seriously don't think I'll ever grow my hair long again. I say go for it if you want it, and post pics if you do! ^_^

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