I thought the billboard was hilarious, and If I were to compare the lesser of evils Bush vs. Obama, I would have say I do miss bush lol not only is obama carrying on torch of increase deficit hes beating Bush to a bloody pulp by quadrupling the deficit in the trillions and counting and obama can't blame bush for that he did it all by his dayum self
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I thought it was pretty frickin' funny myself. And then I thought, hell, at this point, I miss Clinton and I NEVER thought I'd hear those words out of my mouth.

Bush cracked the door and Obama and his clowns kicked it wide open.
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Wow you are so right Clinton is like a saint compared to Obama, How ironic.Ha!

You'd think you would learn from Bush mistakes but no it's too much like right,lol That's the Insanity of it all, why does Obama continue to spend like crazy, it's insane. I don't think people realize how much high taxes we will be paying on everything and the huge burden that is passed on our future generation our children's children. It's just sickening