hahahahhaha my green smoothie is NOT green, it's brown?
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probably shouldn't tell this story..... but now that i have said that you guys are probably wanting to hear it now huh!

so when we first started the green smoothie thing we also were starting to potty train my little boy. so i had him running around without pants on. when it was time for the smoothie and (yes it was brown) i plopped him on a chair and gave him a smoothie in a little cup and straw and told him to stay there to eat it. a few minutes later all i heard was "uh oh! uh oh! uh oh!'' i look over and he is squating over a brown mess totally looked like diareha. i almost threw up in my mouth. but then his cup tipped and i quickly realized it was just his smoothie!

since then i make sure i put enough berries or beet greens or a little bit of a beet to color it dark purple.

i sure hope i didn't ruin it for anyone!
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