I find it quite sad and disgusting that when you have no other choice but to vote the lesser of evils it's either Scott Brown Vs. Martha Coakley what can you do?
I'm happy he won because, at the time he fulfilled a purpose and that was to shake up Washington and put fear the eyes of many democrats who don't have a chance in re-election. It also showed how much power the Tea Party has.

Brown may have voted for that idiotic stimulus job bill, I think based on the outrage he's learning as well he can get his self voted out.lol and with pressured applied he will think twice about voting for another dead end spending bill.
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The thing with Senators, they only have to keep their constituancy happy - and in Brown's case, they are people who kept Kennedy in his seat and went for Obama. Unless he only wants to serve one ter, he is going to have to appeal to the majority of the people in his state. I have a feeling most of the outraged FB people aren't even from Mass.
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