HAHAHA Daily wavy! that's a cute story. With my blender breaking yesterday, my smoothie resembled something like that too... lol!!

I had gum rafts done so I've been relying on my blender to eat my daily fix of PB. I LOVEEEEEE PB and I have it on toast every morning for breakfast (although this might change after I get green smoothies into my routine). I really want to make a banana PB smoothie... I might try it. all of the frozen fruit was too much for the blender to handle yesterday, but I'm hoping/thinking/praying that bananas and milk won't be hard for it. I can tell the motor is about to blow.

I'm looking at this blender w/ a glass pitcher: http://www.chefscatalog.com/product/...sku=25550-WHTE

I guess the standard kitchenaid one now comes with a polycarbonate pitcher... and I try to stay away from plastic (polycarbonate has BPA).

Does anyone have a decent blender for $100 or less w/ a glass pitcher?
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