I am proud to announce the launching of my new hair care line Mozeke. I want to thank the ladies of this board from the bottom of my heart for your encouraging words, laughter, feedback, heated and informative debates, and passion for hair care.

As an added thank you, the first 50 orders will receive 20% off by using the discount code: CURLYGIRL. This is the only hair board that I am a member of and I will not be posting this discount code anywhere else.

Originally Posted by mozeke
lol I'm glad we didn't have to come to blows over the Obama/biracial debate

Seriously, I really applaud you for doing this. This is definitely needed!

Now for the questions...

1) How do you pronounce "Mozeke"?

2) Will you be adding any more moisturizers that are heavier than the Sweet Almond Pudding but don't have honeyquat or beeswax? (My hair's really picky )

I do like the sound of the SAP but I have a feeling it will be too light. I need something the consistency of Afroveda's Curly Define...heavy in a way, but not greasy...