Which one... either the devacare no poo or low poo? OR devacurl no poo/low poo?
I have the devacurl OneC and I don't like it as a daily condish - it's too heavy for my hair. I use it for a deep treatment.
I"m using SIF and arc angell as far as styling stuff. I will spray a little bit of my scrunch spray in but it doesn't have cones or anything just drying alcohol.
Originally Posted by Darby
I don't know - I'm trying to figure it out myself. I figure I have until my bottle of devaCURL oneC is just about empty before I have to decide. I do like the devaCURL one C though and use it just about every day. I've just started experimenting with the devaCARE no poo and I'm not sure what to think. My first impression is that it doesn't do much cleansing for me. But I used it on a day when I would normally co-wash instead of 'poo (I'm a wavy, 2b with between shoulder and BSL highlighted hair and tend to follow the one gentle poo a week routine with co-washing once during the week) so I don't know that I needed much cleaning. My uneducated and inexperienced guess is that if the devaCURL oneC is too heavy for your hair, the devaCARE no poo would be too heavy as well.
I want to try the devaCARE low poo but after a recent swap-burn, I'm leery and just not able to invest the price of a whole bottle in an unknown entity.
Maybe someone with more experience than I will weigh in.

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