Curls Milkshake gives my hair a little bit more loosening than Curls Whipped Cream does. Before I use either product, I always make sure to prep my hair with Curls Quenched, just so that I can get the best results, though. I have also used Mixed Chick's Leave-In, and I can personally tell you that that it wasn't as moisturized as I had thought it would be. It lightly moisturized my hair at best, and it also left a coated feeling to my curls that I couldn't put up with. Also its smell is a bit over-the-top, and I found myself not being able to realy tolerate it.

I have used a natural relaxer before to get some loosening to my hair, called Baka Natural-Laxer. It loosened my hair very very mildly in certain places, but not over my whole head. It also caused major dryness, and it did cause temporary hair loss. I since found out that even though a product is all natural, doesn't mean that it is 100 percent safe.

There's a new product line to NC called Naani's Naturals that you could give a try too. I recently ordered their Maximum Definition Hairdress because it is highly moisturizing, and it is touted as being an all-in-one product. I have yet to use it, but already it sounds like a winner to me!
"Curls Tester"
Products in my current regime: Nioxin Scalp Therapy Shampoo, ORS Replenishing Pak, Curls Whipped Cream, Curls Souffle, Curls Spiral Curls Cream, Curls Milkshake, Curls Quenched, BB(Bonner Brothers) Growth Lotion