*shakes head at sales people* I just tell them I am happy looking and give them that, "leave me the hell alone look" haha. I probably know more then they do half the time! They work on commission too, so they try sell you certain products over others, annoys me.

I find the conditioning balm a little heavy, I can use it once a week and be ok but too much more and i'm over conditioned. Though I'll have to try it on my natural hair - no colour. It's weird my hair behaves so differently without colour damage, it's like I'm starting over.

ouch! $28. Maybe it'll come down in price? Do you have a discount card for HHWH? almost every hair place I go to give me these cards - lol. It's not much but still helps, I get 5% off at HHWH (use to be 10%, they changed it, grrr!), 10% off this other hair place in my home town and I've got one of those petra cards too.

ok enough ramble, please keep us posted how you go with it.
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Aiming to grow hair to waist from buzz cut - slowly but surely.