Okay finally everything is working properly.

As far as the scents go

Moisturizing hair masque - coconut lime scent

Carrot protein masque - i'm not gonna lie to you, it smells like what's in it and every fragrance i've tried only smells like what's in it plus that fragrance. What's in it now is kind of musky.

Avocado cleansing cream - melon fragrance

Whipped Avocado cream - kinda floral, idk what to call it

Mango Cupuacu - kinda smells like an irish cream

Sweet Almond pudding - i've been told smells like cherries, idk if I agree.

I'm very interested in what you all will think it smells like.

Again, I am really sorry to all those who experienced a problem and I appreciate your feedback in letting me know.
Last relaxer: 12/10/07
BC date: 5/2/08
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