There seems to be more penspring curlies since the last time I visited the board. Yay!

In warmer/humid weather i smooth products in about inch sized sections with my fingers. No frizz really and stays that way for over a week. When my hair was shorter/TWA phase, raking product through was just as sufficient and much faster. And always, shaking is a must!

Warmer weather is on the horizon and can't wait to rock the little coils/wash-n-wear hair again It's quick, easy, low manipulation, and pensprings look wonderful in updos, buns, and flat twists in the front.
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Springyhead, you are my hair twin! Yay! Shawnyblazes, your hair is lovely. So much inspiration for us penspring TWAs!

I also smooth gel/product in with my fingers and shake shake shake. Shaking helps separate the coils and they even stand up and out. Spritzing with a water bottle that has a strong stream of water also helps separate coils.
Coily/low porosity/fine
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