I ended up having to get my package from the post office today, but I now have it!

The thank you note is the cutest and a really nice touch! Everything smells so yummy, not overpowering at all. The Hair Mask and Whipped Avocado Cream smell very light, more like the ingredients that were used. I smell the honey in the Avocado Cream.

The Mango Cupaucu Holding Butter smells like soft mangoes and something else, a soft sweet scent to me, not overwhelming to the senses.

I will see where I can sneak in some time to do my hair; this weekend will probably be the soonest. I'm already familiar with the Hair Mask from early testing. It left my hair really moisturized and soft and was the best DC I had tried so far. I hated it when I ran out! Can't wait to try the others and report back.

That Whipped Avocado Cream sounds just....incredible. I LOVE hempseed...anything. I'm glad somebody else (other than Qhemet Biologics) is making some great hair products, without putting shea butter in every last one of them. I like shea (not straight, but mixed with other oils/butters), but there is haircare "life" without shea butter.

I love her logo, and I'm glad she has larger sizes. I'm looking forward to trying this line.
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I agree with what you said about shea. I'm not a fan of it. My hair does not absorb it well and so many natural hair care lines seem to have shea. It's amazing!!

Once mozeke's cream works for me, it will be a staple.
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I have to agree with the shea butta sentiment. Going through my staples... none of them have shea butta. Not that my hair doesn't like, but like blessedhime, my hair doesn't do flips for it either. So it's nice to see products that are taking advantage of other available ingredients to make some unique combos.
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