So I'm really loving the FSG, but I have a small question..

What does yours smell like? Mine almost has a nutty smell, and I can't say I'm fond of it. Maybe mine's turned? I put citric acid in my batch, but maybe that wasn't enough.. I did soak the seeds for a long time.

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I use EOs in mine, so it smells like them (rosemary and lavender are antiseptic, so help prolong it.) I'm not sure citric acid will preserve it very long--I use a combination of EOs, citric acid, Vit E and this time potassium sorbate. I freeze most of it and just defrost it in 4 oz, portions. Mine usually lasts a few weeks unrefrigerated. I only use it once a week.
3a (Corkicelli), highlighted, fine, low porosity

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