WARNING: Venting Ahead!

I'm suffering from separation anxiety from the 2 inches of hair I got cut off about 6 weeks ago. Yes, I am. Before the cut I could see the length in my hair and I felt like I was making some great progress.

Looking back on the before trim and after trim pics, I could see where my ends were a little thinner than the rest of my hair and ok, it needed to be trimmed, but now I feel like I have taken 10 steps back.

I mean, this "trim" got me all jacked up in the head. I have even been contemplating a txt!!! Ok, and for me that is serious. I know, I am tripping and soon the 2 inches will be back and then some. I'm not really gonna txt, but shoot.....LOL

I guess I just feel almost like I did all that work for nothing - but heck, I hadn't had a trim in 17 months, so what's expected? I dunno. Heck, I am just ready for a full(er) head of hair. I want the big ol' coily fro and NOW dammit!
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