I was/am experiencing the same thing. My hair is 4b with looser 4a in the front and nape of my neck. My hair was sooo dry and my ends were crunchy. It's growing nicely and I wanna keep up the progress. My BC 1 year anniversary was last month.... ! Yaaay!

I agree about switching up your DC. I used to DC every other weekend and now I do it every weekend. I did the banana and honey one weekend and that did wonders. I did a rhassoul clay mixed with AOHR another that was very cleansing. Then I use my fave DC MyHoneyChild Honey Hair Mask w/heat. I also spritz it miday with my own spritz of 100% Aloe gel, water, camelia oil, and EO's. This entire regimen has really helped. I also wrap it tight at night with a scarf, rather than loose in a satin cap, and try to manipulate it less. Before I add any type of hairdress cream I mist with moisture - that helps combat dryness ALOT. My fave moisture creams are: shea butter, I make my own shea, castor, aloe mix, and Quemet Burdock Root Butter Cream. Also I use lots of leave in, either Giovanni Direct or Darcy's leave in or good ol' heaven sent shea butter,