mo_gemini, thank you for the advice, i did look into this product and based on the reviews and youtube its the next best thing but man was i wrong. i shld have had better better judgment on the fact that not a lot of 4as commented or have even used it. I will never make that same mistake again. i have contacted devacare and i am currently waiting on a response. I have tried everything from acv, to baking soda rinse to avocado DT and essential oil treatments and so far my hair just laughing at me. NOTHING WORKS!! fortunately other people on here has experienced the same reaction to products and gave me news that the hair will go back to its old state in time. I guess i just wanna see change rite away and that my issue. i will continue DTs and DCs will follow up with the outcome in about a week.Thanks 4 all the suggestions and advice
hair type: 4a VERY dense

hair goal
= WL Aug. 23, 2013

My hair LOVES oil

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