I'm amazed at how great your second day hair looks. So shiny and frizz free and really flattering. (And I like you better with curls than straightened, to be honest.)

I'm gonna wait to see if my area gets any qualified people. I'd love to not have to battle every morning with the summer frizz. But, I may only do this for summer. That's pretty pricey to do every 3 months. Yoiks.

Although my lingering concern is that the flat-ironing process is actually doing internal damage that will only show once the keratin wears off, and so one would have to KEEP doing it or go through another cycle of "repairing the damage." I know, it's only once, but I do wonder just how hot and how much internal damage to seal that keratin.

I love that it didn't smell toxic or burn though. The other straightening Brazilian and Japanese treatments sound horrid.
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